Case Studies

How we have helped people

Legal situations can often be confusing but by having professionally qualified staff we can help you by making things straightforward and easier to understand. These cases illustrate the work that our experienced family solicitors do:

  • Case 1

    Mrs R’s husband left her and her 3 children, to move in with someone else. He had a well-paid job; she worked part-time. With our help, she obtained a Court order meaning that she could stay in the house, receive maintenance for herself and the children, and get a share of her husband’s pension.

  • Case 2

    Miss K had been trying to finish with her ex-partner for nearly a year. He had always been jealous and controlling, but had now become aggressive and violent. She had found out that he had been using drugs. We were able to help her get an injunction, protecting her from him, keeping him away from the home and from taking the children from school.

  • Case 3

    Mr and Mrs S were the grandparents of K who had taken over her care after her mother began having problems with alcohol and a new partner with whom she would often argue and the police would get called. Mr and Mrs S felt that it would be best for K if she remained in their care but were worried that her mother could come and take her at any time. We were able to speak with social services who had become concerned and obtain a court order which meant that K could live with her grandparents permanently but still get to see her mother regularly.

  • Case 4

    Ms L and Mr N had a 2 year old son, ‘J’, and a baby on the way. J had been made subject to a Child Protection Plan by social services because of concerns that medical appointments for J had been missed, the police had been called out and that J’s father may have problems with drugs and alcohol. Social Services made an application to court and wanted to place J and the baby into foster care. At a first court hearing we successfully opposed social services’ application and over the months that followed, Mr N got help and Ms L proved that she could look after the children.

  • Case 5

    Mr and Mrs S separated and arguments began over the children. It became impossible for Mr and Mrs S to talk to each other and eventually contact between Mr S and the children stopped happening. Mr S came to see us for advice. We were able to negotiate with Mrs S to agree times that the children should spend with him but it was still not possible to agree the children staying overnight. An application to court was made which was succesful and the needs of the children were met with an order for them to stay overnight with Mr S each weekend.

What our clients have to say

“I cannot thank you enough.  I will never forget your direction, professionalism and kindness”.

“I am grateful for your words and wisdom.  You helped to give me strength when I did not think I could be strong anymore.  I now have my daughters back and it is thanks to you”.

“It was speaking to you that helped me decide to obtain my injunction order.  I am now living in my new home and I feel safe from my ex-partner.  I can only thank you for that”.

“Thank you for helping me to get my Forced Marriage Protection Order and for making sure I was safe.  Thank you for the support you have given me”.

“Thank you so much for your support and help in court when I was feeling so scared and emotional.  You were calm and brilliant and I would have you standing for me any time”.

“Thank you for helping me get my life back.  Thanks for all the help and support”.

“Thank you so much for all your help support and guidance throughout the past two years in ensuring that my daughter is able to be brought up within her birth family where she belongs, and where she is dearly loved and cherished”.

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