Emergency Help

Sometimes something happens that demands action straightaway. This might mean an urgent application to Court. As specialist family lawyers, we have lots of experience in responding quickly to emergencies and providing you with help straightaway.

Domestic abuse

Abuse takes many forms, such as physical or sexual violence. But it can also be emotional or financial. Nowadays, the Courts are able to make a range of injunction orders to protect you.

  • A non-molestation order would give protection against violence intimidation or harassment.
  • An occupation order excludes a violent partner from the home.

We at Ayres Waters have a team of experienced specialist lawyers able to react speedily and sympathetically if you’ve suffered abuse.


If a child isn’t brought home after contact, or is taken from school without agreement, then you need advice immediately. Likewise, if you are threatened with your children being taken into care by social workers, your need for help and advice is urgent. As specialist family lawyers we are able to react and respond quickly and efficiently in an emergency.

Forced marriage

We have a depth of experience in handling cases where someone – man, woman or child – has been, or is about to be, pressed into marriage against their will.

Our family team can act quickly and efficiently to obtain an Order preventing this happening.

If you are in this situation – or if you know someone who is – then contact Kathryn Wright, or one of her colleagues, on 0161-480 5229.

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