Pre-Nuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

Before marriage, or before living together, you and your partner may wish to record the terms of any financial arrangement that you might have decided upon. We can explain the legal implications, advise you as to the relevant features, and draw up a suitable document for you to sign.

Separation Agreements

If you have decided to part company with your spouse or partner, and have agreed what should happen, whether with regard to children, money or property, then this can be enshrined in a legal document. We can explain the legal implications, and advise you on the relevant features. And we can draw up a suitable document for you both to sign.

Mediation and Collaborative Law

There are different ways to tackle the issues that arise when a relationship ends.

With your partner, you can meet with a mediator (or, sometimes, a couple of mediators) with a view to resolving the different issues around one table. This doesn’t mean you can do without a lawyer, but it may reduce the amount of work that your lawyer has to do, and keep your costs down.

Another option, is a collaborative approach, where the two lawyers work with you together to seek a fair solution.

Andrew Ayres is an accredited mediator, with many years of experience in dealing with cases involving children, and finances. Maria Taylor is a trained collaborative lawyer, again with a lot of experience in dealing with a broad range of family cases.

The firm has close links with other mediation services and collaborative lawyers, and we actively support couples who wish to address their differences in a constructive and cooperative fashion.

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